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VGP3 engine: the last chapter!

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(This page is a work in progress...Still under construction).

Built on top of AVC, the VGP3 Engine adds all the technologies required by a full-featured car racing game/simulator that can be installed on modern consumer hardware. Such technologies include:

– A3e 3d engine: a visualization module, OpenGL-based, offering realistic sun/sky/cloud rendering (Rayleigh and Mie scattering), physically based lighting model, postprocessing effects (such as motion blur or full screen anti aliasing) and support for true 3d stereoscopic vision

– Artificial Intelligence module: the VGP3 AI is really advanced; it can drive almost any “reasonable” AVC vehicle; it can find by itself how to drive a particular vehicle fast (track best line, braking points); it’s a real challenge for human drivers, as it’s able to prevent collisions, if possible, in clever ways, maybe transforming a dangerous manouvre of a human driver into an overtaking opportunity

– ANL library: a robust networking library with advanced prediction and lag-compensation algorithms, allowing for challenging multiplayer races and fierce tyre-to-tyre fights