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VGP3 engine: the last chapter!

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The VGP3 Engine is the simulation software that powered Virtual Grand Prix 3, the last chapter of the Virtual GP saga. Built on top of the high-performance AVC vehicle simulation C++ library, the VGP3 engine adds all the additional technologies required to transform the library into a full-featured car racing game/simulator.

The main features of the VGP3 Engine are:

VGP3 Thermo-mechanical QFE tyre model

Realistic simulation of different types of (race)cars; being based on AVC, the engine features an high level of realism especially on those key components that make the difference. For instance, the latest versions of the engine, based on the latest developments of AVC, implements a thermo-mechanical tyre model that can predict the real-time grip depending upon the asphalt and tyre characteristics (power spectral density of road roughness and polymer frequency/temperature response of tyre compounds).

Sports car wireframe

Visualization module (A3e, the 3d engine), based on legacy OpenGL 2.1 specifications, offering realistic (energy conservation) outdoor lighting model, depending upon latitude and time-of-day, and sky/cloud rendering (Rayleigh and Mie scattering); the 3d engine has also support for true 3d stereoscopic vision.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence module that can drive/race almost any AVC vehicle on any track, including user-generated ones; thanks to an adaptive approach, computer controlled opponents become faster and faster the more they practise any combination of vehicles/tracks; progress is stored in a persistent database so the AI quickly becomes a real challenge for human drivers, after a bit of practise sessions even on new tracks/vehicles.

Computer Network

Robust networking library, ANL, with advanced prediction and lag-compensation algorithms, allowing challenging multiplayer races and fierce tyre-to-tyre fights among human players.


Virtual Grand Prix 3 was released more than 10 years ago, and nowadays it is considered an end-of-life product. For this reason, it's no more commercially available. However, if you wanto to give a try to the latest build of the VGP3 Engine, we plan to release it free of charge for your personal use only.

That build is linked against the latest development(s) of the AVC library (still actively developed), so physics simulation is updated to the latest improvements available so far. However, being VGP3 an end-of-life product, many parts, including the 3d engine, are based on legacy or deprecated software modules; so, the software may or may not run on your hardware or operating system, and we make no representation or warranty regarding the use of (or the impossibility to use) it in any way.

We hope to release that special build of the VGP3 Engine as soon as possible... Stay tuned!