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VGP3 Engine Downloads

Here you can download a special build of the last installment of the Virtual GP saga, the VGP3 Engine. It features the 86 tribute, a series based on an iconic lightweight Japanese sports car which you can drive around a well known Italian track. This build is linked against a recent version of the AVC library so that physics simulation is updated to the latest improvements available so far!

File Version OS Description 1.20 Windows/Linux Main VGP3 archive, contains one car series and one track

Even if you can download it free of charge, the VGP3 Engine is still protected by copyright laws! You are not allowed to redistribute it in any form, nor to use it in any way apart from personal use.


The main VGP3 archive is compressed in a single zip file. Once downloaded, decompress the archive and place the resulting VGP3 folder wherever you like. No further installation is required: double click the executable for your operating system contained within the VGP3 folder to run the simulator.

Note for Linux users: the VGP3 Engine requires the SDL2 library. If such a library is not installed in your system, you need to manually install it before launching the VGP3 binary.

To uninstall the VGP3 Engine, simply delete the VGP3 folder.


Software on this page is available, for personal use only, free of charge. Being end-of-life products, many parts are based on legacy or deprecated software modules; so, the software may or may not run on your hardware or operating system, and may contain bugs or vulnerabilities; we make no representation or warranty regarding the use of (or the impossibility to use) it in any way: you download and use the software solely at your own risk!